Vintage Barbie in East Coast Parkway, East Singapore for sale

Vintage Barbie

Dear e-Buyers,
Please feel free to browse through my Barbie collection in Carousell:
However, there are certain matters that I would like to highlight:
* Buyers are allowed to make any offer.
* Buyers are to look at the pictures and read description provided for item BEFORE making an offer.
* Seller will counter-offer or decline unreasonable offer.
* Buy in bulk and discount will be given
* Item will be relisted and buyer will be reported if seller received no reply after 3 days.
* No trading
Pick-Up location:
* Strictly no postage.
* Strictly at Eunos MRT control station or Bedok Reservoir (depends on where I am)
* Buyers are to state time and day
* Buyers are to update 12hrs for any changes before meet-up
* Not allowed to change meet-up time after twice.
I hope everything is clear.
Thank you so much for sparing some times to read this.
Please feel free to ask if anything is unclear. ^_^
Take care and have a pleasant day! ^_^