Local: Brand new Beyond Buzzwords Han Kok Kwang BEYOND BUZZWORD in East Coast Parkway, East Singapore for sale

Local: Brand new Beyond Buzzwords Han Kok Kwang BEYOND

Local: Brand new Beyond Buzzwords Han Kok Kwang
BEYOND BUZZWORDS (Best Manager鈥檚 Guide)
(ISBN: 981-04-4463-X)
What's the book about?
This book will show you how to expand mindsets and explode returns, including
路 how to inspire outstanding performance from your people
路 how to internalize the 7 thinking skills of effective leaders
路 how to convert ideas into solutions
路 how to enhance your employability
路 how to expand your organization's market share and much more!
What it can do for you:
It will provoke you to "think outside the box" and create unique but effective solutions. All smart Managers should grab a copy before their bosses and competitors do!
- Raised more than $66,000 for the disadvantaged in the community
- 2 print-runs sold out in 3 months
Han has hit the nail right on - we are too obsessed with buzzwords and too little on follow through. This book is a wake-up call for us to go back to basics of what works. It is time to walk our talk.
~ Stephen Yeo, President & CEO, Singapore Computer Systems Ltd
Han 's latest book is a treasure chest of bite-size insights that works! This book is a gem in these changing and uncertain times!
~ Prof. Dr. Arthur Robinson, CEO, The Malaysian Business Breakfast Club Sdn Bhd
BEYOND BUZZWORDS is nicely crafted, with a lovely, solid cover, well presented layout, an intriguing title, and an author with solid credentials and good endorsements. Han 's spent a lot of time delineating his thought processes, and provides a lot of solid, practical advice that is clearly targeted towards a business audience, and beyond.
~ A Judge from Writer's Digest (USA), 10th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards