Cookbook The Pasta Book (Williams-Sonoma) [Hardcover] Julia Dell in East Coast Parkway, East Singapore for sale

Cookbook The Pasta Book (Williams-Sonoma) [Hardcover]

Cookbook The Pasta Book (Williams-Sonoma) [Hardcover]
Julia Della Croce (Author)
The ultimate collection of more than 100 modern and classic pasta, nSingaporelisted, and dumpling recipes from around the world.
The book takes an up-to-date, comprehensive look at one of our most beloved foods in all its various guises, from spaghetti to soba to lasagna to dumplings. Filled with a vast array of dish types, the book covers fresh, dried, and filled pasta and a variety of both classic and modern sauces.
Hardcover: 240 pages
Publisher: Weldon Owen (November 2, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 16162**** +show full number6
ISBN-13: 978-16162**** +show full number1
Product Dimensions: 10.1 x 8.7 x 1.1 inches