MOney come to you Great Wealth Good Business Windfall Luck in East Coast Parkway, East Singapore for sale

MOney come to you Great Wealth Good Business Windfall
MOney come to you Great Wealth Good Business Windfall Luck
MOney come to you Great Wealth Good Business Windfall Luck

Made & Blessed by Kruba Subin now know as Ajahn Subin
According to legend Phra Indra was looking from the heavens and saw a hardworking farmer with a sick mother to look after. Phra Indra decend to earth to help this farmer and disguised as a monster with 4 ears and 5 eyes. To test the farmer he destroy all his crop and the farmer found out about this and tie Phra Sihuhata up. He then went to do some cooking for his sick mother, he saw Phra Sihuhata look hungry and left some food for him then went to his mum. When he came back he saw Phra Sihuhata ate the charcoals and was shitting gold, the farmer became rich after that.
Details:This is believed to be good for:
招财开运 :Brings you great luck
赌运/偏财运:Gambling luck (4D,TOTO,Casino)
招揽生意/带来生意/商机:Improve your business/Attracts Oppurtunities
添福聚财:Increase Prosperity/Accumulate Fortune/Wealth
事业顺利:Smooth Career
提升人缘:Improve Metta
提升第六感:Improve Six sense
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We will not defame others for personal gain nor sell fake amulets.
Let our amulets speak for themselves.
We provide you with the correct guidance to improve you lives .
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